Founded in 2012



Being raised in the arts by her father, Stephen Shortridge, a nationally acclaimed artist, Hayley Shortridge-Gabriel followed in her father’s footsteps and became a professional artist in 2005 selling her fine art in galleries from California to Florida.

When she discovered she could do areola tattooing and scar camouflaging for breast cancer survivors she decided to use her artistic ability to help others and True Life Canvas was formed in 2012. Soon after opening True Life Canvas, Hayley joined forces with her husband, Aaron. Since then, the business has grown and we have added more services to help enrich and improve the quality of life for our clients.


At True Life Canvas, we care strongly about our clients and are dedicated to only the best for them. That is why we hand pick services that emphasize health and wellness or offer a more sustainable and natural approach to anti-aging.

We believe every person is uniquely beautiful so we don’t want them to leave looking like a different person, instead we want them to leave empowered and confident, as well as feel a little more loved in the process. We aim to not be your typical med spa.


Our mission at True Life Canvas is to empower women to live their best lives through functional solutions and personalized care. We provide women with the tools and resources they need to achieve their health and wellness goals. We aim to create a supportive and welcoming environment where women can feel confident and comfortable.


As for our vision for the future, we hope to be the leading provider of women’s wellness services in the region. We want to help women of all ages and backgrounds live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. We will try to help create a world where women feel empowered to be their best selves.

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