Hayley Shortridge-Gabriel of True Life Canvas, a permanent cosmetics studio in Coeur d’Alene, has been certified as a trainer by the Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals. Shortridge-Gabriel also announced the relocation of her office to Parkside Tower, 601 E. Front Ave., Suite 301, Coeur d’Alene.

Hayley Shortridge-Gabriel has performed more than a thousand brow and eyeliner procedures during her career and four permanent makeup artists have completed their training with her since she received her certification in March.

Initial plans are to hold four training sessions per year so she can still continue to have time for her own clients also.

“So many trainers are not doing new permanent makeup artists justice with only two-day courses … these artists will not be able to get good insurance and might injure someone. I want permanent makeup artists to have the proper foundation for their businesses,” Shortridge-Gabriel said.

She will also launch an educational videos series to help educate the public on permanent makeup.

The requirements for being a certified trainer from the Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals include having a minimum of five years experience in the application of permanent cosmetic procedures and having completed a minimum of 300 verifiable procedures for each procedure type that is being taught. Trainers must also complete a minimum of 16 hours of continuing education over a two-year period. There is also a formal training application, process and test that must be passed before a trainer can be officially certified. Shortridge-Gabriel is currently the only certified trainer in the North Idaho-Eastern Washington area.

Shortridge-Gabriel is certified in Permanent Cosmetics and has her certification in Bloodborne Pathogens and follows the OSHA safety guidelines. She received her certification in permanent cosmetics from Permanent Cosmetique International based in San Francisco, Calif., established in 1989. She is also registered trainer and member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.

More information and a portfolio her work can be found at truelifecanvas.com.

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