Eyebrows: One of the biggest beauty challenges for redheads. Most copper-haired ladies have very fair, almost non-existent brows. Defining, shaping and filling in the brows are important since they help shape the face.  It can take a lot of trial and error to find the perfect ‘redhead friendly’ eyebrow product or technique. If you aren’t happy with your natural shape, there are many options these days such as tattooing, gels, pencils and powder.

Another upcoming trend to add to the list: microblading.

It may sound like a scary word but don’t worry, it’s not. Microblading is a form of tattooing with a much more natural look. It works by a pigment being directly applied to the skin with a manual microblading pen to draw hair-like strokes.

We spoke with three different experts from around the country to get the 411 on this new beauty trend to see if it works for redheads.

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