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Eyebrows play a vital role in framing and balancing the face. A well shaped brow will lift and emphasize your eyes as well as making you appear more youthful. Getting the perfect eyebrows can be difficult but our brow treatments offer the ideal solution.

We can help people with very light eyebrows or those who have little or no hair due to over-plucking gain fullness and definition to their brows, while still looking natural.

We offer a powdered effect treatment which subtly shades the brows with a soft mist of color and is ideal for those who have eyebrow hair but want more definition as it enhances the natural brow.

If you have little or no hair, our treatments can recreate your eyebrows with thin hair strokes to produce long-lasting results which are incredibly natural and realistic.

The results are truly amazing and whatever your real eyebrows look like, we can achieve the brows you’ve always wanted.

Additional Eyebrow Information

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