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Erica K.
positive review 
9/02/2019 - Facebook

I was humbled to receive an areola tattoo from Hayley after surgery for breast cancer. I will admit that I was skeptical about areola tattoos-like, how could it possibly compare to having an actual nipple? I went in with low expectations for the final result, but I’m here to tell you, it turned out beautifully! It has made such a difference in my self-esteem! It’s so lovely! Hayley is so talented and professional! She took the time to get the color, shape and positioning just right. At a glance, you can’t even tell the difference between the two. I highly recommend her to my sisters who have joined the elite breast cancer “club.” Her service to me was such a gift that I will be eternally grateful for 💕

Sabrina M.
5/01/2018 - Facebook

Hayley is amazing!! I was super nervous but she answered all of my questions and her recovery guide was spot on!!

Leslie H.
11/10/2015 - Facebook

Hayley does such beautiful work... I wish I had done this years ago. I'm so happy with my new brows!

Alyssa B.
7/22/2016 - Facebook

Oh I LOVE my brows!!! The hair strokes look SO real! I am so very happy!

Monica I.
5/29/2017 - Facebook

Hayley invited me to Her Studio True Life Canvas to host my Masterclass in the US and I have to say, She and Her husband Aaron( Who has the one and only Permanent Cosmetics Marketing Company in the world) have truly spoiled me while i was in Idaho! They really are the nicest people you could ever meet and the Perfect Team!! Everything was soo professional and well organised!! The studio is in the perfect location and absolutely stunning with lots of daylight and a view to die for!!! It is also big enough to have bigger classes !! All the students were very happy, and the class went super successful!! Hayley has a very natural, unique talent in Permanent Makeup , and everything she does , she does it a 100% !! I would be veryy happpyyy if she did my Permanent Cosmetics too!! Im sooo happy , I can them my friends!!!xxx

Amy W.
9/13/2016 - Facebook

Hayley is absolutely wonderful! I "over plucked" years ago, and she brought back my full, dark "Brooke Shields" eyebrows! I feel like ME, again!!! Thank you, thank you! I highly recommend getting your brows done by this talented gal! She'll bring LIFE back to your face! (*...and, it doesn't hurt!)

Lisa B.
8/07/2015 - Facebook

Hayley is so wonderful and skillful at what she does. I am happy every day I decide to do my eyebrows and liner. Best decision ever and I would do it again in a second! Do it ladies you won't regret it!

Christine R.
6/09/2021 - Google

They take their time and do an amazing job.

Lindsey L.
6/08/2015 - Facebook

Best thing I've ever done! She does such an amazing job. Highly recommended

Debbie B.
9/17/2017 - Facebook

I attended Hayley's 100+ hour training for permanent cosmetics and I absolutely loved it. Hayley is so knowledgeable and her artistic background is very evident in the amazing work she performs. Not only is Hayley amazing but her entire staff is extremely friendly and they make everyone feel so welcome. They all have a true passion for what they do in this community!!! I am truly blessed to of had such an amazing learning opportunity from by far the best instructor around !!

Meredith M.
3/19/2017 - Facebook

Beautiful, efficient work.Very professional artist and lovely woman . Extremely knowledgeable and educated. Very impressed, very glad to have met Hayley! Thank you for everything.

Heidi M.
3/28/2017 - Facebook

Hayley is amazing! I recommend her to everyone who compliments my brows (daily basis now!) & cannot sing her praises enough - not only did she listen to me and give me full attention and detailed information, but I researched my options for YEARS before I finally found her and was immediately convinced by her work! She has a background in fine arts, and an eye for detail that isn't lost on this veteran cosmetologist - I have confidence sweating buckets at the gym or in the pool, no matter what my makeup situation is now - the symmetry that Hayley helped bring to my face has balanced my features and fit my personal style and life - I've had plenty of tattoos done over the years, but my face was something else entirely!! So nervous!!! Hayley made me comfortable and is so knowledgeable I felt immediately at ease with my decision to pick her - she's fine tuned every detail I knitpicked and did it with a joy that one only has when they truly love their job!

Lucy L.
11/09/2016 - Facebook

She is a true artist!! If you're thinking of going to anyone else to have your brows done DON'T DO IT!! I love mine! Thank you! Jo Minert

Emily W.
2/25/2016 - Facebook

Hayley did such an amazing job with my eyebrows! I am beyond thrilled and it makes getting ready so much quicker, which I am all about, especially in the summer months! I highly recommend Hayley for permanent cosmetics.

Nicole R.
positive review 
10/06/2019 - Facebook

Hayley is an exceptionally talented artist and very knowledgeable about her trade - I highly recommend her! I just had my first refresher for my brows (1.5 years after first having them done) and I'm still so happy with them. I appreciate that she takes the time to communicate with each client to make sure they get the results they want, and she has great attention to detail. The studio is in a beautiful location, and it's clean, safe, and well-appointed. The staff is very friendly, too!

Rebecca R.
6/22/2017 - Facebook

Just had my touch up appointment a couple days ago and I'm just so happy with my results! I used to always be so insecure about my almost nonexistent brows. Thank you so much for fixing my insecurity Hayley!

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