Sunny L. Avatar
Sunny L.
positive review 
2/11/2019 - Facebook

Caitlin was so professional during my microblading session! She answered all of my questions and made sure I had the look I wanted before my procedure. She took the time to make me feel numb and comfortable! I did not feel a thing! I also called the office regarding aftercare questions and they were very helpful and accomodating! I am so happy I came to True Life Canvas!! I would recommend them 100%! Thank you Caitlin!!

Katie L. Avatar
Katie L.
12/16/2016 - Google

Hayley is incredibly talented! Her fine artist's eye translates beautifully into the world of permanent cosmetics. She is a perfectionist and the ultimate professional. Have her do your brows, lips or liner- makes getting ready so easy! Highly recommend!

Lisa E. Avatar
Lisa E.
6/06/2018 - Facebook

Amazing... Love my brows after chemo made them disappear.

Rebecca R. Avatar
Rebecca R.
6/22/2017 - Facebook

Just had my touch up appointment a couple days ago and I'm just so happy with my results! I used to always be so insecure about my almost nonexistent brows. Thank you so much for fixing my insecurity Hayley!

Leesha R. Avatar
Leesha R.
7/29/2017 - Facebook

Miss Hayley reached out to me to fix the issues I had with my brows and I am definitely eating my words. These ladies are a class act. Don't be shy about asking for help if something isn't what you expected (just don't be like me and do it in a review! Call them!). They will work to fix it and make sure that you are happy.

Cindy T. Avatar
Cindy T.
3/29/2017 - Facebook

I've had repeated work with Hayley from the day (literally) she began the journey to True Life Canvas. I have always, ALWAYS been wowed by the work she has done for myself and everybody else she has worked with. I cannot fully express how thankful I am for her knowledge, caring and her expertise in this industry.

Cassie K. Avatar
Cassie K.
3/25/2017 - Facebook

Hayley is a true artist! I had my brows micro bladed. She was very precise in getting the perfect shape of my brows before starting. She chose the perfect color. Her execution is spot on. I have never had so many compliments on my eyebrows since she worked her magic. She is very professional, on time and absolutely amazing at addressing any questions or concerns. The office and staff she works with are also very inviting. Thank you Hayley for enhancing my brows!

Heidi M. Avatar
Heidi M.
3/28/2017 - Facebook

Hayley is amazing! I recommend her to everyone who compliments my brows (daily basis now!) & cannot sing her praises enough - not only did she listen to me and give me full attention and detailed information, but I researched my options for YEARS before I finally found her and was immediately convinced by her work! She has a background in fine arts, and an eye for detail that isn't lost on this veteran cosmetologist - I have confidence sweating buckets at the gym or in the pool, no matter what my makeup situation is now - the symmetry that Hayley helped bring to my face has balanced my features and fit my personal style and life - I've had plenty of tattoos done over the years, but my face was something else entirely!! So nervous!!! Hayley made me comfortable and is so knowledgeable I felt immediately at ease with my decision to pick her - she's fine tuned every detail I knitpicked and did it with a joy that one only has when they truly love their job!

Rhonda V. Avatar
Rhonda V.
2/17/2018 - Google

I highly recommend if your looking for quality and an artist that keeps up with advancing her skills. The industry needs more of these artists 💞

Tiffany E. Avatar
Tiffany E.
3/25/2017 - Facebook

I had done countless hours of research on microblading and different artists before making my appointment with Hayley. I was SO nervous to get a "tattoo" on my face... I kept thinking "what if I hate them??" ......
I had heard wonderful things about Hayley's work and had friends who went to her that had wonderful results. So, reluctantly I made my appointment. Hayley was wonderful, kind and promptly messaged me back when I had questions. After the procedure, I have to be completely honest.....I didn't love them at first. My brows looked very dark and different...
I thought maybe I had made a mistake........
After the first 24 hours they began to change, heal, soften and I fell in LOVE with my new look. Not to mention the time I save getting ready in the morning. Despite all my research and Hayley telling me they will lighten and soften I had to see it to believe it. It's been a few weeks since the procedure and they have healed beautifully. She told I'd probably even want to go darker at my touch up appointment in a few weeks and she was right!!!
Best decision EVER, thank you Hayley!!!!

Melissa G. Avatar
Melissa G.
8/16/2017 - Facebook

Got my brows done yesterday with Hayley and I absolutely love them! So nice to wake up and do my makeup in 5 min or less! Being in the beauty field, I'm very detailed oriented and way to picky about how everything comes together as a whole piece (ie. hair stroke thickness and length of the strokes) Hayley went above my expectations! Well worth the 3+ hour drive!

Tami W. Avatar
Tami W.
3/03/2017 - Facebook

Oh my gosh! Best decision I ever made was getting my eyebrows done. Hayley is amazing! I was so scared when I got there, but she explained the whole process and made me feel very comfortable. I only had the middle half of my eyebrows left, and one side was higher than the other. She fixed all of that perfectly. I was also scared that people I work with would notice. No one has noticed or said anything. I LOVE MY NEW EYEBROWS! I highly recommend Hayley if you are thinking of getting your eyebrows done.

Jessika T. Avatar
Jessika T.
1/09/2017 - Facebook

I was a little nervous about change but I am so happy that I went for it . I absolutely love the after product . It was so simple and looks even more natural then I had ever expected!

Jordan N. Avatar
Jordan N.
positive review 
4/11/2019 - Facebook

Hayley is THE BEST! I have been wanting permanent make up for a number of years now and I finally got it this year as my Christmas gift. My husband did a ton research (not like him) and told me that he was only willing to go with it if I chose Hayley. It worked out great because I had already decided on her years earlier. She did not disappoint! I am a very particular person and she listened to all of my questions and concerns and comments and took the time to make me good and comfortable and then proceeded to do a fantastic job. I could not be happier. SHE IS FANTASTIC!!!❤

Gena T. Avatar
Gena T.
3/16/2017 - Facebook

Very friendly, professional and inviting staff! Hayley, you are an amazing artist, so talented and professional! Lovvvvve my microbladed brows !! I will be back for more of your services!!

Michelle N. Avatar
Michelle N.
positive review 
3/07/2019 - Facebook

Have done a lot of research and I feel confident that the school will not only take you from the beginning And teach you thoroughly everything there is to know about permanent make up or micro blading can't wait to start.

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