Lauren L. Avatar
Lauren L.
11/30/2017 - Facebook

Caitlin microbladed my eyebrows and she did AMAZING! It's been a few months now and they still look brand new. She took her time and made sure I was completely numbed up so I hardly felt a thing! She's the sweetest girl and really wants the best for her clients and makes sure you absolutely love the end result before sending you on your way. SO happy I got my brows done by her! Go see Cait, you won't regret it!!!

Leah A. Avatar
Leah A.
positive review 
3/26/2019 - Facebook

Professional!!!!!!! Thorough!!!!

Sara M. Avatar
Sara M.
12/23/2016 - Facebook

I can't stop staring at my brows! I saw Hayley, yesterday & she reassured all my concerns; as she was microblading she was saying "These are great, you will love them" and that I do! Go for the powder finish too ladies.

Kim H. Avatar
Kim H.
10/19/2018 - Facebook

I only wish I would’ve done this sooner! Love my brows, and the time it saves me in the morning. They look completely natural. I didn’t need much, but it still made such a positive impact. Thank you TLC! �

Melissa G. Avatar
Melissa G.
8/16/2017 - Facebook

Got my brows done yesterday with Hayley and I absolutely love them! So nice to wake up and do my makeup in 5 min or less! Being in the beauty field, I'm very detailed oriented and way to picky about how everything comes together as a whole piece (ie. hair stroke thickness and length of the strokes) Hayley went above my expectations! Well worth the 3+ hour drive!

Karli K. Avatar
Karli K.
1/27/2018 - Facebook

I had a PRP Microneedling treatment done recently by Angela. I’m a skeptic in general, and especially of these results after just one treatment. I’m beyond impressed. She knew what do do and where to place extra PRP. No pain due to numbing cream places before. Results are well worth the investment.

Valerie L. Avatar
Valerie L.
3/28/2017 - Facebook

True Life Canvas

My experience with Hayley was comforting knowing that she is a highly educated professional with lots of experience in this field of permanent cosmetic and has a back ground in Artistry. During my first scheduled appointment I was somewhat nervous until I actually met her and realized I was at the right place to get permanent makeup. She made sure I was comfortable and did everything in a professional manner. Before I decided to get permanent makeup I researched every permanent makeup artist in the North West and could not compare Haley's work with others I’m so relieved I found her. Now that my brows and eyeliner are on point I am so very grateful I chose her. This decision has made my life and appearance so much better I feel good about my self. Thank You Hayley

Melissa Q. Avatar
Melissa Q.
positive review 
1/09/2019 - Facebook

I had my brows done by Caitlin and not only did they turn out amazing she was SO sweet! I highly recommend seeing her and will refer my friends!

Tasha L. Avatar
Tasha L.
8/15/2017 - Facebook

Hayley did my brows and I'm soooo in love! It was amazing to wake up and do my makeup in 3 min! Mom win! And they look fabulous! My husband even loves them & thinks it's well worth it!

Kim D. Avatar
Kim D.
3/05/2017 - Facebook


Compliments to you for perfecting my eyebrows.

You are awesome�

Jordan N. Avatar
Jordan N.
positive review 
4/11/2019 - Facebook

Hayley is THE BEST! I have been wanting permanent make up for a number of years now and I finally got it this year as my Christmas gift. My husband did a ton research (not like him) and told me that he was only willing to go with it if I chose Hayley. It worked out great because I had already decided on her years earlier. She did not disappoint! I am a very particular person and she listened to all of my questions and concerns and comments and took the time to make me good and comfortable and then proceeded to do a fantastic job. I could not be happier. SHE IS FANTASTIC!!!❤

Meredith M. Avatar
Meredith M.
3/19/2017 - Facebook

Beautiful, efficient work.Very professional artist and lovely woman . Extremely knowledgeable and educated. Very impressed, very glad to have met Hayley! Thank you for everything.

Michelle N. Avatar
Michelle N.
positive review 
3/07/2019 - Facebook

Have done a lot of research and I feel confident that the school will not only take you from the beginning And teach you thoroughly everything there is to know about permanent make up or micro blading can't wait to start.

Macy J. Avatar
Macy J.
12/29/2017 - Facebook

My experience with Caitlyn was so amazing, she did such a great job microblading my eyebrows and I’m so glad I picked her!

Shayla R. Avatar
Shayla R.
positive review 
11/09/2018 - Facebook

Loved my experience at True Life Canvas! I was so nervous going to my appointment but was super comfortable once I got there! Will definitely be going back and would recommend them to anyone! 🙂

Fran H. Avatar
Fran H.
positive review 
9/28/2018 - Facebook

Catlin is an amazing artist! I "Love" my eyebrows which I have never been able to say before. Thanks so much Catlin. You keep doin what you love.

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