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Gail S.
12/30/2016 - Facebook

A wonderful experience and the results were fantastic. Going from almost no brows (I am a blonde) to having beautiful feathered brows that I did not have to do each day , is wonderful. Hayley did a wonderful job and has such great talent.

Shelbi D.
10/27/2016 - Facebook

Hayley did such a great job on my brows! I had very light, sparse brows beforehand. When I left, I couldn't stop staring at my brows in the mirror! � Hayley really took her time trying to get the shape, color, length and arch that I was looking for. She really knows what she's doing and her office is very clean. The procedure was virtually painless and SO worth it! Thank you very much for making me finally have eyebrows! �

Sara J.
2/17/2018 - Facebook

Hayley is an amazing artist u can trust her with all your cosmetic tattooing!

Amy W.
9/13/2016 - Facebook

Hayley is absolutely wonderful! I "over plucked" years ago, and she brought back my full, dark "Brooke Shields" eyebrows! I feel like ME, again!!! Thank you, thank you! I highly recommend getting your brows done by this talented gal! She'll bring LIFE back to your face! (*...and, it doesn't hurt!)

Afton S.
12/21/2016 - Facebook

Hayley did a hairstroke/powdered brow procedure for me about a week ago. I absolutely LOVE my new brows! I wake up in the morning and I'm ready to go! The procedure was quick and painless and I'm getting daily compliments on my new look. I would recommend Hayley to anyone who's thinking about permanent cosmetics. It's time to stop thinking about it and to make an appointment with True Life Canvas today!!!

Lindsey L.
6/08/2015 - Facebook

Best thing I've ever done! She does such an amazing job. Highly recommended

Kim D.
3/05/2017 - Facebook

Compliments to you for perfecting my eyebrows.
You are awesome�

Paula S.
10/28/2016 - Facebook

I love my brows so much! Thank you! It was the perfect 50th birthday gift to myself! It has seriously shaved 10 to 15 minutes off my morning make up routine! Your work is amazing!

Heidi M.
3/28/2017 - Facebook

Hayley is amazing! I recommend her to everyone who compliments my brows (daily basis now!) & cannot sing her praises enough - not only did she listen to me and give me full attention and detailed information, but I researched my options for YEARS before I finally found her and was immediately convinced by her work! She has a background in fine arts, and an eye for detail that isn't lost on this veteran cosmetologist - I have confidence sweating buckets at the gym or in the pool, no matter what my makeup situation is now - the symmetry that Hayley helped bring to my face has balanced my features and fit my personal style and life - I've had plenty of tattoos done over the years, but my face was something else entirely!! So nervous!!! Hayley made me comfortable and is so knowledgeable I felt immediately at ease with my decision to pick her - she's fine tuned every detail I knitpicked and did it with a joy that one only has when they truly love their job!

Erica K.
positive review 
9/02/2019 - Facebook

I was humbled to receive an areola tattoo from Hayley after surgery for breast cancer. I will admit that I was skeptical about areola tattoos-like, how could it possibly compare to having an actual nipple? I went in with low expectations for the final result, but I’m here to tell you, it turned out beautifully! It has made such a difference in my self-esteem! It’s so lovely! Hayley is so talented and professional! She took the time to get the color, shape and positioning just right. At a glance, you can’t even tell the difference between the two. I highly recommend her to my sisters who have joined the elite breast cancer “club.” Her service to me was such a gift that I will be eternally grateful for 💕

Anna M.
11/08/2017 - Facebook

Hayley is incredible!! Love my brows! From start to finish the whole atmosphere is very welcoming and professional! I would highly recommend True Life Canvas to anyone looking into permanent cosmetics!!

Lesly S.
8/31/2016 - Facebook

Got new brows today. Should have done it long ago!!! Super happy. Hayley's awesome

Amber G.
4/05/2018 - Facebook

Haley is amazing! Not going to lie I hated my brows at first, but now that they are healed I'm so glad I did it! Going on vacation and so excited to not have to worry about my brows and be able to swim! You get what you pay for and so worth it! Thank you, I recommend this place and Haley to anyone.

Christine L.
8/17/2022 - Google

I was very pleased with the caring service and brow artistry Hayley provided. My expectations were met and I’m very happy with the results.

Tiffany E.
3/25/2017 - Facebook

I had done countless hours of research on microblading and different artists before making my appointment with Hayley. I was SO nervous to get a "tattoo" on my face... I kept thinking "what if I hate them??" ......
I had heard wonderful things about Hayley's work and had friends who went to her that had wonderful results. So, reluctantly I made my appointment. Hayley was wonderful, kind and promptly messaged me back when I had questions. After the procedure, I have to be completely honest.....I didn't love them at first. My brows looked very dark and different...
I thought maybe I had made a mistake........
After the first 24 hours they began to change, heal, soften and I fell in LOVE with my new look. Not to mention the time I save getting ready in the morning. Despite all my research and Hayley telling me they will lighten and soften I had to see it to believe it. It's been a few weeks since the procedure and they have healed beautifully. She told I'd probably even want to go darker at my touch up appointment in a few weeks and she was right!!!
Best decision EVER, thank you Hayley!!!!

Kristy A.
4/12/2018 - Facebook

I had my eyebrows done (microblade) by Caitlin. I could not be happier!! She is an absolute professional with an eye for detail. Her work is perfection! I experienced no pain during the procedure and am thrilled with the results. I highly recommend her!!!!!!!

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