dianna k.
3/14/2018 - Google

A.M.A.Z.ING artist.

Chelsie C.
11/14/2020 - Google

I had Hayley do my brows and Heidi do the refresher. Both are really great at what they do and very friendly.

Katharina v.
2/17/2018 - Facebook

Great artist, very professional and amazing service!

Katie L.
12/16/2016 - Google

Hayley is incredibly talented! Her fine artist's eye translates beautifully into the world of permanent cosmetics. She is a perfectionist and the ultimate professional. Have her do your brows, lips or liner- makes getting ready so easy! Highly recommend!

Anna M.
11/08/2017 - Facebook

Hayley is incredible!! Love my brows! From start to finish the whole atmosphere is very welcoming and professional! I would highly recommend True Life Canvas to anyone looking into permanent cosmetics!!

Courtney E.
11/18/2016 - Facebook

Hayley did such a great job on my brows!!! I had over tweased them for years and couldn't get them to grow back right.. I drove 2 &1/2 hours to come see her, and would do it all over again in a heartbeat!!! They are perfect, and have given me my confidence back!! Thank you so much Hayley for making this such a great experience for me!!

Kristina M.
11/10/2016 - Facebook

If you are looking for permanent makeup professional, Hayley is your girl.
She is very knowledge, professional and very nice lady. Hayley tries to offer her clients the best and latest techniques by attending advanced trainings!!!

Tami W.
3/03/2017 - Facebook

Oh my gosh! Best decision I ever made was getting my eyebrows done. Hayley is amazing! I was so scared when I got there, but she explained the whole process and made me feel very comfortable. I only had the middle half of my eyebrows left, and one side was higher than the other. She fixed all of that perfectly. I was also scared that people I work with would notice. No one has noticed or said anything. I LOVE MY NEW EYEBROWS! I highly recommend Hayley if you are thinking of getting your eyebrows done.

Shayla R.
positive review 
11/09/2018 - Facebook

Loved my experience at True Life Canvas! I was so nervous going to my appointment but was super comfortable once I got there! Will definitely be going back and would recommend them to anyone! 🙂

Gail S.
12/30/2016 - Facebook

A wonderful experience and the results were fantastic. Going from almost no brows (I am a blonde) to having beautiful feathered brows that I did not have to do each day , is wonderful. Hayley did a wonderful job and has such great talent.

Shelbi D.
10/27/2016 - Facebook

Hayley did such a great job on my brows! I had very light, sparse brows beforehand. When I left, I couldn't stop staring at my brows in the mirror! � Hayley really took her time trying to get the shape, color, length and arch that I was looking for. She really knows what she's doing and her office is very clean. The procedure was virtually painless and SO worth it! Thank you very much for making me finally have eyebrows! �

Deidra A.
3/14/2020 - Google

Where does one begin to express the amount of gratitude I have for the staff & training of True Life Canvas!5 Stars all across the board 100 times over!I have watched Hayley’s portfolio of clients evolve, and I have watched her grow as an artist of permanent cosmetics. She has proactively, and positively changed the lives of people in the community of Coeur d’Alene, and surrounding areas.I thought with what I do for a living, I wanted to add more to my arsenal of bodywork to help people in a different way. Also I could incorporate my love of art with permanent cosmetics as well. With deeper digging and research I decided to take the plunge and do True Life Canvas’ Fundamental Training. I do not regret it. The classroom setting is appropriate and perfect for the kinesthetic learner. I learned an invaluable amount of information, sanitation, OSHA standards, safety, and the consideration that a modest “less is more approach” with the 80 hours of training at TLC.The amount of money for the training is worth every penny. There benefits that you also gain in technique, ergonomics for practice. There were technicians in the trade that gave affirmations that this course was absolute GOLD! These technicians were kicking themselves (figuratively) wishing they would have started their training at TLC because they felt they would have been farther in their career with what they learned in the fundamentals class. Client safety and sanitation is HUGE, and an aggressive practice at TLC.Before I started to take my own clients I decided I would get my eyebrows tattooed on as well. I thought being able to experience the procedure I give to my clients would better my practice and technique.As a client coming into True Life Canvas I was welcomed to a comfortable environment. The workstation of Hayley’s was sanitary and I felt comfortable with the process being a client.Hayley took careful consideration of what curves and angles of my tattoo would compliment my eye structure, and face while she was mapping my eyebrows. She carefully chose the best pigment for my skin tone, eye color, and hair color. The topical anesthetic was a necessity to make the process easier. The procedure with paperwork took about an hour, which timing I know is different with every technician. I was incredibly surprised of the outcome! My eyebrows are beautiful. I didn’t think something like this would make me feel sexier, more beautiful, or simplifying the amount of time I spend putting eye makeup on and my daily routine of getting ready in the mornings! I didn’t experience any peeling or scabbing post-procedure. (Everyone is different how their body reacts to pigments, or ink with tattoos.)A few weeks later I took the 3D Advanced Areola Paramedical Training at True Life Canvas. This was another course well worth the money and time. This training is a bit more intimate in technique, and style. There are more contraindications to consider when working in the paramedical field of cosmetics. The amount of the reward as a technician can be heavy, and incredibly rewarding.With my training at True Life Canvas I feel empowered, well educated, and beautiful. I LOVE this industry, and to be involved in the family of students of True Life Canvas, also to represent a work of art for Hayley.I highly recommend exploring how the Staff at True Life Canvas could enhance cosmetic makeup for you. The cost is worth every dime, and if you have questions about your procedure you can be comfortable asking all the details before you make the investment. The Staff wants you to be comfortable with the procedure.I am excited to tattoo my lips, and eyeliner along with taking extra advanced courses, and using them in my own Paramedical Tattoo Practice. Thank you to the Staff at True Life Canvas!

Debbie B.
9/17/2017 - Facebook

I attended Hayley's 100+ hour training for permanent cosmetics and I absolutely loved it. Hayley is so knowledgeable and her artistic background is very evident in the amazing work she performs. Not only is Hayley amazing but her entire staff is extremely friendly and they make everyone feel so welcome. They all have a true passion for what they do in this community!!! I am truly blessed to of had such an amazing learning opportunity from by far the best instructor around !!

Christine C.
2/14/2021 - Google

I moved to the area almost a year ago and have been searching for all new beauty service providers. The task is daunting! I searched many places before deciding to use True Life and Haley. She definitely knows what she is doing. The whole staff was very friendly and the building is very professional. This was my 4th time doing any sort of micro blading work and it was the least painful experience thus far. I would say no pain even. Very easy process! I’ll definitely be back for a touch up when needed!

Lisa E.
6/06/2018 - Facebook

Amazing... Love my brows after chemo made them disappear. <3 to Haley!

Paula S.
10/28/2016 - Facebook

I love my brows so much! Thank you! It was the perfect 50th birthday gift to myself! It has seriously shaved 10 to 15 minutes off my morning make up routine! Your work is amazing!

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