Rhonda V. Avatar
Rhonda V.
2/17/2018 - Google

I highly recommend if your looking for quality and an artist that keeps up with advancing her skills. The industry needs more of these artists 💞

Debbie B. Avatar
Debbie B.
9/17/2017 - Facebook

I attended Hayley's 100+ hour training for permanent cosmetics and I absolutely loved it. Hayley is so knowledgeable and her artistic background is very evident in the amazing work she performs. Not only is Hayley amazing but her entire staff is extremely friendly and they make everyone feel so welcome. They all have a true passion for what they do in this community!!! I am truly blessed to of had such an amazing learning opportunity from by far the best instructor around !!

Kim D. Avatar
Kim D.
3/05/2017 - Facebook

Compliments to you for perfecting my eyebrows.
You are awesome�

Valerie L. Avatar
Valerie L.
3/28/2017 - Facebook

True Life Canvas
My experience with Hayley was comforting knowing that she is a highly educated professional with lots of experience in this field of permanent cosmetic and has a back ground in Artistry. During my first scheduled appointment I was somewhat nervous until I actually met her and realized I was at the right place to get permanent makeup. She made sure I was comfortable and did everything in a professional manner. Before I decided to get permanent makeup I researched every permanent makeup artist in the North West and could not compare Haley's work with others I’m so relieved I found her. Now that my brows and eyeliner are on point I am so very grateful I chose her. This decision has made my life and appearance so much better I feel good about my self. Thank You Hayley

Greta B. Avatar
Greta B.
1/23/2018 - Google

I had my eyebrows done by Caitlin and I can't say enough great things about her. She did such a great job. I came in with two different shape eyebrows that were sparse in some areas. She was able to reshape them to where they now look like twins. I can finally say I really love my eyebrows now and I'm so glad I made the choice to have them microbladed. She was great to work with and really does beautiful work.

Sunny L. Avatar
Sunny L.
positive review 
2/11/2019 - Facebook

Caitlin was so professional during my microblading session! She answered all of my questions and made sure I had the look I wanted before my procedure. She took the time to make me feel numb and comfortable! I did not feel a thing! I also called the office regarding aftercare questions and they were very helpful and accomodating! I am so happy I came to True Life Canvas!! I would recommend them 100%! Thank you Caitlin!!

Kelsey S. Avatar
Kelsey S.
11/23/2016 - Facebook

I'm absolutely In love with my brows and Hayley is a doll! Recommend her 10 million times over!

Jazmine P. Avatar
Jazmine P.
11/09/2016 - Facebook

I had my eyebrows done by Hayley today & I am beyond happy!!! � Every since I can remember I have had little to no eyebrows & they were very light colored.... She fixed my biggest insecurity today & I am beyond grateful. Truly is a blessing & she is AMAZING at what she does. I would recommend to her to anybody. This will save me the embarrassment from when I have to go to the lake with people or whatever the case is!! Thank you Hayley! ��

Kristina M. Avatar
Kristina M.
11/10/2016 - Facebook

If you are looking for permanent makeup professional, Hayley is your girl.
She is very knowledge, professional and very nice lady. Hayley tries to offer her clients the best and latest techniques by attending advanced trainings!!!

Anna M. Avatar
Anna M.
11/08/2017 - Facebook

Hayley is incredible!! Love my brows! From start to finish the whole atmosphere is very welcoming and professional! I would highly recommend True Life Canvas to anyone looking into permanent cosmetics!!

Meredith M. Avatar
Meredith M.
3/19/2017 - Facebook

Beautiful, efficient work.Very professional artist and lovely woman . Extremely knowledgeable and educated. Very impressed, very glad to have met Hayley! Thank you for everything.

Alyssa B. Avatar
Alyssa B.
7/22/2016 - Facebook

Oh I LOVE my brows!!! The hair strokes look SO real! I am so very happy!

Lisa E. Avatar
Lisa E.
6/06/2018 - Facebook

Amazing... Love my brows after chemo made them disappear.

Tami W. Avatar
Tami W.
3/03/2017 - Facebook

Oh my gosh! Best decision I ever made was getting my eyebrows done. Hayley is amazing! I was so scared when I got there, but she explained the whole process and made me feel very comfortable. I only had the middle half of my eyebrows left, and one side was higher than the other. She fixed all of that perfectly. I was also scared that people I work with would notice. No one has noticed or said anything. I LOVE MY NEW EYEBROWS! I highly recommend Hayley if you are thinking of getting your eyebrows done.

Karissa S. Avatar
Karissa S.
6/15/2017 - Facebook

Loved seeing Angela! Great experience & great results. I received Botox & a micro needling treatment! Skin is smoother & clearer! I am a happy girl!

Erica K. Avatar
Erica K.
positive review 
9/02/2019 - Facebook

I was humbled to receive an areola tattoo from Hayley after surgery for breast cancer. I will admit that I was skeptical about areola tattoos-like, how could it possibly compare to having an actual nipple? I went in with low expectations for the final result, but I’m here to tell you, it turned out beautifully! It has made such a difference in my self-esteem! It’s so lovely! Hayley is so talented and professional! She took the time to get the color, shape and positioning just right. At a glance, you can’t even tell the difference between the two. I highly recommend her to my sisters who have joined the elite breast cancer “club.” Her service to me was such a gift that I will be eternally grateful for 💕

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