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Kim D.
3/05/2017 - Facebook
Compliments to you for perfecting my eyebrows.
You are awesome�
Allison B.
3/11/2021 - Google
Awesome place! Love Hailey❤️. She does an amazing job and it such a great artist.
Lynn L.
3/04/2023 - Google
Another great experience. True Life Canvas is the only practice I will go to for body or facial procedures. I have complete confidence in their, integrity, safety of procedures, consultations and individualized treatments.
Rachel P.
1/15/2018 - Facebook
Hayley did an amazing job! I have a scar where one eyebrow used to be and she covered it perfectly. It saves me so much time getting ready every morning not having to fill in my brows! I’m so glad i decided to go to Hayley and would recommend her to any of my friends or family!
Cinniman T.
positive review 
2/23/2019 - Facebook
Personal and individual applications!
Allison B.
4/09/2021 - Google
Awesome place! Love Hailey❤️. She does an amazing job and it such a great artist.Services: Powder brow, Eyebrows
Heidi S.
7/19/2022 - Google
Heidi Klein did my eyebrows she did a awesome job! I feel like a new woman! My eyes pop now love them❤️
Tiffany E.
3/25/2017 - Facebook
I had done countless hours of research on microblading and different artists before making my appointment with Hayley. I was SO nervous to get a "tattoo" on my face... I kept thinking "what if I hate them??" ......
I had heard wonderful things about Hayley's work and had friends who went to her that had wonderful results. So, reluctantly I made my appointment. Hayley was wonderful, kind and promptly messaged me back when I had questions. After the procedure, I have to be completely honest.....I didn't love them at first. My brows looked very dark and different...
I thought maybe I had made a mistake........
After the first 24 hours they began to change, heal, soften and I fell in LOVE with my new look. Not to mention the time I save getting ready in the morning. Despite all my research and Hayley telling me they will lighten and soften I had to see it to believe it. It's been a few weeks since the procedure and they have healed beautifully. She told I'd probably even want to go darker at my touch up appointment in a few weeks and she was right!!!
Best decision EVER, thank you Hayley!!!!
Angie R.
6/08/2017 - Facebook
I had a wonderful experience at True Life. Hayley was so kind, knowledgeable, and thorough. She did an amazing job and made sure I was happy and educated on my post procedure care. I'm so glad I made the drive to Coeur D' Alene from Spokane. I recommend her to everyone. It was so worth the time, money, and I am ecstatic with the results.
Sabrina M.
5/01/2018 - Facebook
Hayley is amazing!! I was super nervous but she answered all of my questions and her recovery guide was spot on!!
Rebecca R.
6/22/2017 - Facebook
Just had my touch up appointment a couple days ago and I'm just so happy with my results! I used to always be so insecure about my almost nonexistent brows. Thank you so much for fixing my insecurity Hayley!
Anna M.
11/08/2017 - Facebook
Hayley is incredible!! Love my brows! From start to finish the whole atmosphere is very welcoming and professional! I would highly recommend True Life Canvas to anyone looking into permanent cosmetics!!
Gail S.
12/30/2016 - Facebook
A wonderful experience and the results were fantastic. Going from almost no brows (I am a blonde) to having beautiful feathered brows that I did not have to do each day , is wonderful. Hayley did a wonderful job and has such great talent.
Courtney E.
11/18/2016 - Facebook
Hayley did such a great job on my brows!!! I had over tweased them for years and couldn't get them to grow back right.. I drove 2 &1/2 hours to come see her, and would do it all over again in a heartbeat!!! They are perfect, and have given me my confidence back!! Thank you so much Hayley for making this such a great experience for me!!
Melissa M.
2/04/2023 - Google
I have been so happy with the treatments Rachael has done on me. She takes special care to make sure I’m comfortable and explains everything throughly so I know what to expect. I especially appreciate the efficiency and attention to detail that Rachael has.
Leah A.
positive review 
3/26/2019 - Facebook
Professional!!!!!!! Thorough!!!!

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