💙 Q&A with Tyla, Master Esthetician 💙

Morpheus8 is microneedling with radiofrequency, and is one of the most advanced skin tightening and toning methods on the market today. This treatment stimulates remodeling of the adipose tissue of the dermis. Microneedling on its own promotes a healing response which increases collagen production, and by introducing radiofrequency energy deep into the dermis, the Morpheus8 prompts tissue remodeling. Results can include lifting and tightening effects and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

When trying to maintain a youthful appearance it is important to consider the foundation of our skin’s anatomy, to slow down or correct the signs of aging. Morpheus8 reaches deep beneath the epidermis where the skin’s foundation begins. With Morpheus8, radiofrequency energy is introduced up to 4mm below the surface of the skin, giving superior tightening to any other microneedling treatment out there.

Morpheus8 is not just for the face. We can treat anywhere on the body where skin laxity is a concern. It is a wonderful solution for skin rejuvenation, as it can achieve multiple corrective actions simultaneously. Here are some of the concerns we can address with this advanced technology:

  • Uneven or rough skin texture
  • Excess fat in the face and neck
  • Sagging in the jowls, lower face and neck
  • Acne scarring and other scarring on the face and body
  • Deep lines and creases
  • Sun damage
  • Enlarged pores
  • Stretchmarks
  • Enhance glowing complexion